Saturday, November 22, 2008

Consumer Spending Crisis

The perspectives:

1. The worst for Wallstreet is not over yet. (A surprise attack from the sky)

2. Consumer spending is falling. (Consumer spending is falling)

3. US itself is in grave danger. (Man on a tiny little boat)

4. Freedom (from the economic crisis) is still far away. (birds represent freedom and they are very far away) 

How do you like my interpretations? Let me know your view.


Kitty Boo said...

I love getting this in my mail, how convenient, I don't have to go through my blogcatalog then yours to get here.

My comment is the size of their dingys compared to the size of that which is about to hit them. (Us really both the US and the pronoun us)

Anonymous said...

I love your take on this. I would've read it on purely a surface level, but the different elements (such as the faraway birds) could be pointing to more...

Anna said...

I hate shopping, lol, and especially all this happening, who wants to shop for more stuff - I think over all we just made too too much of things in this world, lot of useless things toooooo. Anna :) PS lol cartoon, you got talent my friend