Tuesday, December 23, 2008

6 Random Things About Me

RandomDucks I was tagged for this 6 Random Things meme by Tony, the artist and the creator of Trottersville.

Here’s the stuff about me:

1. When I was 12, I won 4 gold medals for the 100m, 4 x100m, long jump, short-put competitions and 1 bronze medal for high-jump (I am not tall) and was crowned the individual champion for my school annual track and field sport meet. It was the first time I took part in my school sports competitions and honestly, I did not have any formal training other than chasing my friends around the neighborhood frequently for the game hide-and-seek.

2. When I was 16, I learnt how to play the guitar from my younger brother, who self-taught himself the instrument. I have did a few live performances for my college after that.

3. When I was 19, I was enlisted into the Army and completed my national service when I was 21 as an Army Officer. I think during that period, I ran for about 2000 km over that short 2.5 years.

4. When I was 21, I finally understand the world is never a fair place and accepted the fact that no one is perfect.

5. When I was 25, money ruled my head.

6. When I was 28, my heart ruled my head.

That’s the 6 random things about me. :)

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And now I am tagging:

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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for playing, Ren! And now I feel like I know just a little bit more about you! Now, if I can just find a way to weedle your social security number out of you...

plastic business card said...


I think these things are so better.