Monday, December 8, 2008

Taxpayers and Retirement Fund

The perspectives:

1. Taxpayers are the vehicle to the bailout. (The boat is named "Taxpayers")

2. Unhappiness in Taxpayers regarding the bailout. (Unhappy man IN the boat named "Taxpayers")

3. The government has underestimate the size of bailout for the retirement funds. (Fat man and a miserable little boat)

4. The retirement funds bailout may not work. (It seems impossible for the boat to even move forward)

5. Governments are pushing on without thinking of the outcome in future. ("Gun It")

Unfortunately, the future generations will have to bear the consequences for the crisis created by the present world. The current batches of retirees may still enjoy themself after the bailout  but it will leave a lot of taxpayers unhappy.

It may be possible that many years later, you will find a lot of people moving out of US because they feel that it is not worth paying the high tax due to the bailouts by the government  ...

Do you think the bailouts were necessary?


Anonymous said...

It's hard to say. I wonder if any of these bailouts are going to help in the long run. I can't see anything but long term consequences for the taxpayer, for it is they who will have to continue to foot the bill, not the government.

plastic business card said...


I think tax payer are not happy to this post because there are so many people does not pay tax.

Anna said...

'Governments are pushing on without thinking of the outcome in future. ("Gun It")' -yes they don't think.
No bail outs are not necessary, the market is so saturated with cars, who want's more cars, who wants more of anything....Anna :)