Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thank Our Grandchildren

The perspectives:

1. The worldwide bailouts are going to leave our future generations a huge debt. (Thank our Grandchildren)

2. The US, Europe and Asia corporations are the main causes of the  public debt. (3 men in their respective suits)

3. The situation has not stabilize. (The ground is still curve, which is easy to fall over)

4. The banks and stock markets may collapse again as they are supported by weak fundamentals. (Weak support beams at the sides)

5. The outlook is still rather gloomy. (The dark sky above)

Hope you guys enjoy the views on this post, let me know if there is anything I left out. :)


Anonymous said...

Naw, I don't think you've left anything out, Ren. In fact, I enjoy reading your interpretations of the various political cartoons. Sometimes you see stuff I never even would have thought of!

Ren said...

Thanks Tony, for all your kind comments.

Really glad you are not bored with the interpretation. :p

Jen said...

It's just depressing is all...