Saturday, January 24, 2009

Debt For Our Children


Are you one of those who:

  • Call your parents only when you need money
  • Borrowed money from your parents and never pay back
  • Have brochure from old folks’ home
  • Never visit your parents
  • Moved back with your parents
  • Won’t move out of your parents house

Even though this is just a comic, but is still pretty disturbing to see the points that the artist is trying to convey. As children or grandchildren, are we becoming more like a burden to our parents or our grandparents?

The next time before we complained about the huge debt that our parents or ancestors have left us, think about these:

  1. When was the last time you called your parents or grandparents because you miss them?
  2. When was the last time you gave any money to them?
  3. Do you want your children to send you to old folks’ home?
  4. When was the last time you visit your parents?
  5. Are you living at the expenses of your parents?


Anonymous said...

Yes, those are excellent points raised there, Ren. I love my parents, and so I make it a policy to never let financial issues come between us. There are some things that you simply can't put a dollar value to. :)

Anna said...

Wow you nailed this one very well. Unfortunately, I have reversed situation with my parents, lol. Oh well, family is family and we will always need to take care of each other, just little token of appreciation sometimes would be nice. Ren, excellent post as always. Anna :)

Ren said...

Hi Tony,

Haha, "I love parents" - me too!

They are usually more lovely than children and spouses...and their love comes with life time warranty.

Ren said...

Hey Anna, that's right! Family is still family, you cannot change your parents or siblings, their are always your family. :)

J. Money said...

haha...that's pretty awesome. would it be cool to feature some of these on my blog over at if so, holler - j (at)