Monday, January 5, 2009

Economic Storm

economic storm

The Perspectives:

1. The economy wild ride is not over. (The tough ride in the choppy waves)

2. There are more economy bad news coming. (There are dark clouds and lightning, but the rain has yet to come)

3. Expect the worst when you least expect it. (Lightning can strike twice)

4. Those who have faith and prepared themselves for the economic disaster will survive and prosper. (Noah’s Ark story)

5. We should wait patiently for the bad economy to turn to good. (No matter how bad a storm is, there is always an end to it)

2008 is finally over and happy 2009 to you guys!

For me personally, the most significant event in 2008 was to leave my banking job to pursue my personal interest and to further my studies. It wasn’t easy leaving a comfortable life that I was so used to. And for a while, I was still thinking whether did I make a wrong move.

For the last few months that I rested, I began looking for a new story that I want to include in my life journey. I started reading and the more I read the more I am glad I moved on (forward). For life is more about the journey then the destination, and if I did not move away from my comfort zone, how would I improve? 

What was the most significant events for you in 2008?


Anonymous said...

Ren, good for you for moving on to something you wanted to do. It can be a hard road, but one well worth taking! I wish you all the success one can have in your journey!

As for me, I nearly left my faith behind in 2008. It was a terrible time of depression and bitterness, but I resolved not to let it spill out into my marriage, my life, the blog, and other things. I've begun to come out the other side now... faith and mind intact. I still don't know how I got here, but I am grateful.

I wish you and your readers a wonderful 2009. May we all get to lay hold of our dreams this year! :)

Anna said...

Ren, I better go and tell my husband to stop buying stocks right now, lol.

'For life is more about the journey then the destination, and if I did not move away from my comfort zone, how would I improve? - you will find that you may go throug ups and downs not having that comfortable job, but as you mature you will find more and more what is important in life, and it won't be the regular job. I went through the same journey, one day I just quit my regular job....Happy New Year to you too, excellent cartoon as always. Anna :)

Anna said...

....just so you know, I quit that job, but I am glad that I did, because I am happy :)

Ren said...

Hi Tony,

I am glad you managed to come out of the difficult part of your life.

Just to let you know, you are doing a terrific job. The comic you have have drew attracted my attention because of the light hearted humor you presented instead of the depressing political or financial ones that I always find out there.

They always strike me and make me remember the simple things in life that make each and every one of us special.

Let's lay hold of our dreams this year! ;)

Ren said...

Hi Anna,

It is always a pleasure to have you to drop by!

Yes, you better stop your husband :) Get him to buy you a dress or anything, tell him it is more rewarding to spend money on his love ones than to loss it to the market and feel frustrated over it. ;)

Thanks for your advice and encouragement, I felt much better now.

Wish you and your family a blissful and happy new year!

Anna said...

Thanks Ren, lol, I told him, did not see he front of the computer for days now. lol. Anna :)

Ren said...

Hi Anna,

I hope you did not mention my name or my blog to your husband ...

Anna said... sorry he was just right there, lol.

Anna :)

David Dzidzikashvili said...

It’s a quite difficult decision for any politician choosing between more bailout packages or letting the free market economic principles take care of the failed businesses, whether it is the financial institutions or automakers. The main focus should be defending the interests of middle-class Americans and creating a stable economic system that will guarantee long-term stability and sustainability. But here we also can face more challenges, since right now the Washington politicians are talking about the second large bailout package. If we bailout financial institutions and other industries again, when are they going to ask for the third bailout package? Or fourth? Maybe this is a time to let free market economy work rather than keep bailing out large, failed corporations? After all, it is the small and medium size businesses that create vast majority of middle-class jobs in America, not the large corporations. Maybe the government is better off to replace banks in lending practices and directly give loan packages with low interest rates to small and medium size businesses? That might work better and have a direct, immediate impact on economy and the middle-class America…

Anna said...

David, I couldn't resits, but this is well said. Anna :)

Ren said...

Hi David,

That is what the new stimulus package is about to do right... improve medical system and education.

Thanks for joining us!