Friday, January 30, 2009

Silver Lining


For sure the situation is getting ugly and all the newspapers are reporting gloomy news by the minutes, but good news should exist in this recession - they always do, it's just a matter of finding them sometimes.

I thought I will share with you some good news and maybe you can find other ways to make this economy work for you.

How has the financial crisis affected us positively?

1. This crisis has gotten people nervous about their job security and from what I have observed, there are more people going to church, seeking spiritual “security”  - which is a positive news.

2. Those who loss money to the economy will understand, their investment portfolio may have devalue, but the price of their lives and family will never depreciate, in fact they are priceless.

3. The financial crisis has prompted many more people to follow our dreams and re-examine their priorities in life. I have left my job last year to pursue my MBA and I am now looking at services that I can provide for non-profit organizations.

4. With more uncertainty, people are saving more than before. Saving is a good habit and saving more is great for us! (But not so great for the economy. :p )

5. The interest rates have gone down significantly if you compare it to a year back and this is the best time to refinance your mortgages if you have any. Another great saving tips!

Have you found a silver lining to the economic crisis?


Anonymous said...

I think I'm still waiting for the cloud to descend. You see, we've always had to battle a little bit when it comes to finances, but there were clear choices that we made in relation to that which means we were ready to face that battle - the jury's still out on whether we've been successful in that so far.

As for everything else, it is true that there are some things that you just can't put a price tag on. The things you listed are a good place to start if you want to consider more than finances alone! :)

Anna said...

Ren you are so wise my friend. These are excellent points. I like the way you always look at the positive aspect of life. You know media has been killing the recession, I think they just don't have much else to talk about, lol. Excellent cartoon as always. Anna :)

Ren said...

Hi Tony,

No matter what's the outcome of , our financial battles, at least we still have our mind sane.

I would recommend education as the starting point, my mum always say education is the best investment, because knowledge can't be loss. :)

Ren said...

Hi Anna,

"Media has been killing the recession" - excellent point, LOL :D

Media has killed more than just the market, it have killed morale, moral, mortal ... that's their job?

Anna said...

Hey Ren hope you are doing well.

You said: 'killed morale, moral, mortal' - excellent point from you.

Anna :)

Anna said...

Hey Ren how is going?
Have not seen you for a while now, I guess it is my turn now to check on you, lol. Anna :)

Ren said...

LOL, you are a fast learner! Have been busy with school and finding a job ... a crossroad in my life. :)