Friday, April 17, 2009

Taxes. They Pay For Stuff.


Interesting cartoons on the products that the Federal Government are spending on illustrated based on the average man’s tax money.

From paying for the nation’s education to buying a fighter plane, it is nicely criticized in the cartoon below.

So now do you have a better picture how they spend the tax payers money?


Anna said...

Hey Rendell taxes always gets me, I hate paying taxes, so for a while I refuse to buy prepared food, so I don't have to pay taxes :). Anna :)

Rendell said...

Haha, so that's how the strategy you get your husband to work ... through his stomach. :p

Anna said...

lol, yes it is good strategy Rendell, but looks like the economic crisis hit us too, we both will be spending more time with our baby. Oh well, it pays off to be scrooge sometimes, lol. Anna :)